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13301530. The Political Body : Radical Women in Latin American Art, 1960-1985.

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Cecilia Fajardo-Hill

La session aura lieu en anglais et en français.

 « I propose a discussion about the making of « Radical Women » during an 8 years research process. This talk will give firstly an overview of the type of invisibility and stereotypical approaches that women artists have endured in Latin America in the twentieth century, and particularly 1960-80s when contemporary experimental languages were being created. Secondly I will analyze how Radical Women is an exhibition that attempts to generate a crisis on the type of patriarcal historiography of art we write, and the type of narratives and exclusions we have perpetuated in exhibitions. I will also discuss some of the works in the show to analyze the differences and specificities, as well as visibilize the shared sensibilities, conceptual and political ideas, with women artists internationally. A final point will be to analyze the historical and ideological reasons why « Radical Women » is not titled « Feminist Women », i.e. what is the role of feminism in the radicality manifested in the exhibition. »

Publié le 28 septembre 2017, mis a jour le mardi 5 décembre 2017

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