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Institut d’histoire moderne et contemporaine
École normale supérieure
45 rue d’Ulm
F-75230 Paris cedex 05

Graphic Design

IHMC,Louise de Montalembert and Marc-Antoine Rey

Editorial Board

Direction (Claire Zalc) and members of IHMC

Photographic Credits

École normale supérieure

Technical Informations

Host and management of the website: Centre de Ressources Informatiques (CRI)
Accessibility according to Law n°2005-102 for equal opportunity, participation and citizenship for disabled people.


This website is owned exclusively by the École normale supérieure, and respects the French and international legislation on copyright and intellectual property.

Content, graphics, and design are property of the IHMC and/or their use has been acquired by a third person.

A copy, partial or total, is allowed only by explicit agreement of the IHMC.

The IHMC agrees to the use of links directing to its website, as long as the pages do not open inside another website, but on a separate window.

The IHMC updates regularly the website but cannot guarantee the accuracy and/or topicality of the information published. You can signal to the webmaster any error, out-of-date information or broken link (webmaster).

Right of Accessing, Modifying, Correcting and Suppressing Data

(Law nº78-17 du 6 Janvier 1978, about Informatic, Files and Liberty, or “loi Informatique et Libertés”)

Every person whose name or picture (allowing his/her identification) appears on this website can, at any time, ask for the suppression or modification of information relating to him/her, by sending an email to the webmaster (webmaster).

Rights and Duties of Users

The use of this website is subject to French legal dispositions about nominative treatments.

Users are responsible for the queries they make as well as for the interpretation and use they make of results. They have to make a use respecting the current reglementations and the recommandations of the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL) when data have a nominative character.

Capturing nominative information in order to create or enrich another nominative treatement (for instance, for a commercial or advertising use) is strictly forbidden for all countries.

Publié le 25 February 2015, mis a jour le Tuesday 13 March 2018

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