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Research activities and conferences

Organizing seminars

Co-organizer of the post-doctoral researchers’ GSRL-CNRS 2012-2013 seminar on “Religion and violence in modernity : theoretical approaches, historical perspectives and current mutations.”

Various communications (not exhaustive)

Communication at the “Memory and History in Writing” symposium held at IRESCO-CNRS for the YOUNG RESEARCHERS’ WORKSHOP hosted by the Association Française de Sociologie du Religieux (French Association of the Sociology of the Religious).

Participant in the CEIFR-CNRS (Centre for Cross-Disciplinary Religious Studies) Study Day on 15 November 2005, chaired by Christian Décobert, organized by Frédéric Gugelot, “Affiliations-disaffiliations to Jewish identity in the Modern Age in France”.

Second International Congress for Francophone Political Science Associations, Laval University, Québec, 25 and 26 May 2007, with Quebec University in Montréal and Ottawa University. Delivered a paper on “The Thought of the Return” and the crisis of modernity in French judaism.

Participant in the IRESCO-CNRS symposium, French Social Sciences of Religions Association, dedicated to “Memories : political space and intersubjectivity », delivering a paper called « Jewish Thinkers and the “Pedagogy of Peace” in the Middle-East. From Singular Memory to the Production of a Common Sense », 4 and 5 February 2008.

Symposium : “World Visions and Religious Modernities : Confronting Views”, 10-12 April 2008, at Université Moulay Ismail de Meknès (Morocco), in partnership with the Francophone Sociologists’ International Association and Paris VIII University. Delivered a paper on “Religious Memory and Democratic Pluralism. Jewish Intellectuals and the Peace Process in the Middle-East.”

Communication at the study day for post-doctoral researchers at CERSES-CNRS. Presenting thesis axes, 24 September 2008.

Partaker in the 31st SISR Congress 2011. International Society for the Sociology of Religions, 30 June-3 July 2011, IEP (Political Studies Institute) of Aix-en-Provence, Human Rights, and « the rights of Others ». From Emmanuel Levinas to Present-day Problematics. Worshop WG8 “Mutations and evolutions of present-day Judaism”.

Intervention at the GSRL-CNRS post-doctoral researchers’ seminar on “Violence and exiting religion”, 10 October 2012.

Debater and moderator for Jacques Le Rider (study director at EPHE) during his intervention at the GSRL post-doc seminar on “Freud, culture and censorship”, 30 May 2013.

Intervention at the SISR (International Society for the Sociology of Religions) 2013 congress, University of Turku, Finland, 27-30 June 2013. WG : Mutations and Evolutions of Present-Day Jewish World.

Intervention at the 16th World Congress of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem, Jerusalem Hebraic University, Israël, 28 July - 1er August 2013.

February 8, 2015, participation in the “8e Rencontre Livre des mondes juifs et diasporas en dialogue”, Maison du Barreau, Paris. “The Jewish intellectuals in the 21th Century : between commitment and tradition.”

February 18, 2015, participation in a panel discussion at NYU-Paris “Contemporary antisemitism in France”. (in English).


May 2019, « Memory and democracy », participation at la Nuit de la Philosophie, Tel Aviv.

May 2019, “Claude Lanzmann. A certain idea of mankind”, Panel “French thought and Jewish world”, Nuit de la Philosophie, Tel Aviv.

November 2019, “Claude Lanzmann. Histoire juive, histoire universelle », communication for the “Claude Lanzmann. Comment se souvenir ?”, held at the University of Stuttgart.

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